Health in Portugal

Healthcare: why Portugal?

The Health sector is a prominent, fast-evolving sector in Portugal, which has experienced a remarkable evolution during the last couple of decades.

Portugal has a high-quality healthcare system, with excellent professionals and modernly equipped. This quality is regularly assessed by an independent national regulatory organization, and there is a growing number of hospitals achieving international accreditation. And the ultimate evidence of the quality of the Portuguese healthcare system consists on the country’s high-standard health indicators.

Portugal also has a vibrant and innovative Research & Development ecosystem, characterized by the presence of world-class institutions and scientists, in areas such as neurosciences, cancer, immunology, regenerative medicine and nanomedicine, as well as state-of-the-art core facilities and a highly-qualified workforce.

Portugal is internationally recognised as a high-quality supplier of healthcare products and services (e.g., pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other medical technologies), and Portuguese companies have for long, and each time more, been exporting to highly-demanding markets such as Germany, France, UK, Spain, Belgium and USA.

Because of this reality, together with the competitiveness of costs and other broad context conditions, Portugal is an attractive destination for health tourism, as well as a competitive country for investing and for performing R&D and clinical trials.