Useful information

Visitors to Portugal who are not resident in any of the European Union member states can be reimbursed for the VAT (Value Added Tax) paid on purchases that they have made in Portugal and are being transported in their personal luggage. Only private individuals can benefit from this reimbursement. 

In order to obtain repayment of the tax, the minimum value of purchases must be € 49.88 (net amount without VAT), and, depending on the VAT rate charged, the minimum value of the receipt for goods purchased must be as follows:
- € 61.35 – VAT rate of 23% (general goods)
- € 57.86 – VAT rate of 16% (Madeira and the Azores)
- € 56.36 – VAT rate of 13% (Wines)
- € 52.87 – VAT rate of 6% (books, lenses…) 

When you make your purchases, you must ask the shop to provide you with a receipt, itemising the amounts paid, the goods that were purchased and the amount that is due for reimbursement. 

You can receive the repayment of your tax in cash at the main European airports or in the centres of major European cities, or by credit card or international cheque, provided that the goods in question have previously been shown and declared at the customs.

You can obtain more information at:
- Premier Tax Free - www.premiertaxfree.com - info@pt.premiertaxfree.com
- Global Refund -  www.globalrefund.com  - taxfree@globalrefund.com 
- Innova Taxfree Portugal - http://www.innovataxfree.com/portugal - info@innovataxfree.com