Health became one of the most precious assets of mankind which has been witnessing remarkable achievements in the last decades.

These overall improvements have largely resulted from better living conditions, major developments in medical science and a number of population-level interventions but, most of all, from the relentless work of health professionals, scientists, managers, and other men and women who, in an increasingly complex ecosystem, find the proper balance and the right answers among various realities.

In Portugal, healthcare is unquestionably an area of successful collective investment as demonstrated by the excellent performance indicators of its scientific production, associated business dynamics and, above all, of its national health system.

These accomplishments, combined with the commitment that unites all the relevant players along the entire value chain - from the government and public agencies to caregivers – position Portugal as a high quality medical tourism destination.

For those looking for the highest level of medical care and unique opportunities for convalescence and recovery in a particularly attractive and welcoming environment, Portugal is the right place.

We are looking forward to your visit.